Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend… QUINOA!


Friday Sep 27 06:08pm

Creamy Vegan Enchiladas

Friday Sep 27 05:12pm
Creamy Vegan Enchiladas

Friday Sep 27 04:59pm
Roasted Green Beans


Thursday Sep 19 05:24pm
Sweet Potato Tacos

Saturday Sep 14 04:29pm




Saturday Jan 28 05:12pm
What is Gluten? Why do people avoid it? Friday Dec 16 02:55pm
My gf/vegan blog I'm actually maintaining.

This tumblr will be more of a supplement to this new blog. Head on over. I’m just getting started, but feel free to leave me feedback here with things you want to see there. :) Thanks for bearing with me! :) Your support is super appreciated!

Sunday Dec 4 11:11pm
My GF/Vegan Pinterest Board. :)

This is where most of my time has been. I’ll hopefully be back sometime in the next month or so, blogging here. There are over 140 recipes on this board, though, to keep you occupied. Also, you should get an account on pinterest because it’s the BOMB.

- M.

Tuesday Nov 15 05:06pm
i’m going to be revamping this —

stay tuned. let me know if you have any ideas. :)

Tuesday Aug 23 06:45pm
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